About Wheeler Marketing Group, LLC

About Caroline Wheeler, Wheeler Marketing Group, LLC

Wheeler Marketing Group, LLC is owned and operated by Caroline J. Wheeler RN, BSN. Caroline’s extensive expertise in the healthcare industry is derived from 25 years working as an RN in diverse healthcare settings, Caroline has a wealth of knowledge, both clinical and navigational. She understands the complexities of the healthcare industry from large corporate hospitals to the small business, plus the inter-related businesses and services.

Caroline Wheeler, Medical / Healthcare CopywriterAbout Caroline Wheeler

Caroline speaks these languages:

  • Mental Health – Inpatient and Community Case Management
  • Home Health – post-op instruction, wound care, medication and disease management
  • Hospice
  • Long-term Care and Dementia Care/ Memory Care
  • Medical/Surgical Inpatient Care
  • Injury Biomechanics, legal medical record review for a testifying expert
  • Utilization Review – obtaining health Insurance authorization, appeals for funding

Caroline has expertise in these roles:

  • Staff Nurse
  • Charge Nurse
  • Assistant Nurse Manager
  • Case Manager
  • Admission Coordinator
  • Director of Health Services
  • Legal Nurse Consultant

Caroline Knows Your Prospect, and Your Prospect’s Prospect:

  • A grief-stricken family receiving a hospital bed and wheelchair, ordered by the hospice nurse, for their loved one, delivered, assembled and instructed by a durable medical company;
  • A post-surgical patient being instructed at the bedside on the use of their PCA pump to control their pain, and who gratefully accepts the IV administration of an antiemetic to relieve their nausea;
  • A brittle diabetic patient and his wife receiving instruction on the use of his new glucometer, how to take his blood glucose, and when to call the doctor.
  • A 91-year old man, living in a Memory Care facility, prone to falls, whose life is made easier, more comfortable, and safer with a specialized low bed, and a medication that reduces his agitation and anxiety.

The ability to listen, gain rapport, empathize, and walk in the shoes of another human being is a cultivated skill. Caroline’s capacity for compassion, understanding and problem-solving in multiple healthcare settings, spans quarter of a century. The combination of these benefits, with skilled persuasive language, transfers to multiple industries, strategically solving your marketing problems.

Born in New Zealand, Caroline completed her nursing training and received her RN license in 1991. She graduated with a BHSc(N), in 1993. After working in the Mental Health field for 6 years, she moved to the United States and pursued a successful nursing career.

During her spare time Caroline enjoys meeting people and socializing, photography, kayaking, the outdoors, especially the Oregon Coast where she lives, road trips, exploring the United States, and the World … Italy is her current favorite. She loves cats and has always had one or two rescue kitties.

(Note: Caroline’s BHSc(N), Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing) was credentialed as BSN equivalent in the USA by the IERF).

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Publication Corner

Rainforests and Monkeys - P.68 Psych Nurse discovers a new lifestyle and freedom with writing!

Selected to write a chapter in Nurse SPARKS, by Authentic Messengers, Caroline is drawing on her 8 years as an RN Hospice Case Manager, to pen her inspirational story. The SPARKS book series, of which Life SPARKS was the first, provides the reader with true stories, to 'illuminate, inspire and ignite the heart’.

Launching in May 2017, with the e-book following in June, these can be purchased through Amazon. Caroline has a strategy to give a limited number of copies away to a select few … watch this space!