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Case Studies

B2B content marketing strategies targeting your customer by providing real-life testimonials crafted into a structured story. Your product’s or service’s benefits are outlined and how these solved a problem or challenge is clearly demonstrated.

Bonus: Case Studies can be repurposed to further promote sales or subscriptions, into blog posts, segments in newsletters… just ask your content marketing expert!

White Papers

Combine education, of a complex or expensive product, or service, or idea, with a strong marketing message. These research-based, complex, educational projects of 5 – 10 pages are highly effective in B2B content marketing.

Identification and description of a problem or challenge, white papers provide in-depth explanations and solutions… and with persuasive language compel your prospect to make a purchasing decision. White papers are strong lead generation tools, generally read by a wide audience which tends to frequently pass these on to colleagues, peers, and friends. They deliver powerful justification and persuasion with facts when presented to purchasing decision-makers such as boards, committees or higher management.

White papers have excellent repurposing advantages, often surpassing those of case studies.

Prospects purchase when they have power … provide power with promotional white papers and problem-solving case studies.

Prospects purchase when they have power. White papers provide that power.

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Articles and Blogs

Articles attract visitors to your website using content, in the form of well-constructed, concise, articles that follow the rules of SEO. Spark and maintain interest, educate, entertain, create anticipation… articles engage your prospects ensuring the ongoing, ever-increasing, stream of loyal traffic to your website.

Blogs are social media goldmines for marketers, if their benefits are taken advantage of wisely. A blog provides your customers with an interactive tool, information, and maintains interest, building relationships, trust, and ultimately promotes sales. An awesome SEO tool, a blog can also generate income.

Want to connect with your market on a regular, interactive basis? Take Action! Add a blog or an article!

Keep connected and engage your audience by blogging.

Keep connected with your audience and engage them with blogs and articles.

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Lead Generation

Initiates your readers’ interest and drives them to an order page or landing page. Once here they can request information, a free article or white paper … As one of your list-building strategies, lead generation is a great way to expand your e-newsletter list, and generate sales leads.

Lead generation and list-building strategies to expand your reach.

Lead generation and list-building strategies from Wheeler Marketing Group

Sales Letters

Direct Mail & Direct Response … Snail Mail & Email.

Highly persuasive copy, skillfully crafted to elicit a sense of urgency, prompting your reader’s response with a click, a phone call, or reply card in the mail. Targeting an emotional component in readers, sales letters aim to generate as many responses as possible. A timeline, impressive guarantee, and an irresistible offer, which may be repeated and is often included in a P.S., are essential features of sales letters. Easy to measure response, easy to measure success.

Lift Letter

An additional sales letter, written by a different person, often an expert or an authority, in a different style. This increases or ‘lifts’ the response of your initial direct response or direct mail sales letter.

Direct Response Sales Letter = Big Business ‘Booster Shot!’ Take action now!

Press Releases & more…

Excellent strategy in just a short piece of copy, providing ‘free advertising’, volumes of exposure in comparison to a website or display ad.

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